How It Works

You deposit Era Swap Tokens and Share Unique File, then the receiver will get the simple instructions on how to easily create a wallet and redeem ES tokens

Connect Wallet

Connect Your Wallet & Deposit ES tokens to create easily shareable gift coupons.

Share File

Then share generated unique file to the receiver, who will be claiming ES Tokens.

Claim Tokens

Receiver claims Era Swap Tokens using simple instruction on CouponDApp.

About Us

CouponDApp is an initiative of Team Era Swap – So, the community can simply share Era Swap in a few simple steps, quickly and efficiently. CouponDApp is powered on a decentralized network of Era Swap; hence there are no central authority or any unnecessary middlemen and international transaction charges, charged to the users.

CouponDApp is one of a dApp from multiple unique dApps of Era Swap Life Ecosystem. Users can transact ES Tokens on their day to day life activities on any of Era Swap Life decentralized platforms, with the efficiency of inexpensive and middlemen transactions of value and services.

Era Swap Platforms

Decentralized Platforms & Marketplaces of Era Swap, where you can utilize ES Tokens.

Want to Gift Era Swap Tokens
to your friends & family?

It`s Middlemen-free